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NTItools 2016.2 til Revit frigives i dag

19. jan - 2016

Idag den 19 januar 2016 frigives en ny version af NTItools til Revit 2016
Kunder som i dag har en aktiv licens på NTItools, har fået tilsendt en mail om at der er en ny version tilgængelig samt et link til installationsfilen. mailen indeholder ligeledes en beskrivelse af nyheder i version 2016.2

Nyheder i NTItools 2016.2.0

Color Composer

· NEW! Tool to override graphics in multiple 2D and 3D model views according to parameters in elements. Coloring can be setup By Value or By Range.
· Apply Colors and Remove Colors is available in NTItools Tasks.
· Limitations! The override can only take effect on the areas allowed by Revit’s override by element.

Dimension Override

· NEW! Tool to override the text fields in Dimensions on the entire project, in the current view or multiple selected Dimension strings.
· Overrides only Above, Below, Prefix and Suffix.
· Limitation! Dimension Strings are in Detail Groups ignored by default.

Create Room Groups

· NEW! Option to Duplicate Room parameters as Shared Parameters to Masses and Copy values between Rooms and Masses.
· Cases where Rooms are moved to positions resulting in Redundant Rooms is rolled back, editing wall positions or deleting walls resulting in Redundant rooms is rolled back. To allow redundant rooms, turn off “Room Group Updater”.

Publish Tools
  • NEW! Publish NWC.
  • Publish PDF enhanced configuration setup, the configuration now has Sheet Sets.
  • Publish PDF support for equal Sheet Width and Sheet Height.
  • The Update information for PDF Creator, has been suppressed. This only applies to Publish PDF, not using PDF Creator manually with Revit or other applications.
  • PDF Creator focus at printing suppressed.
  • Enhanced Performance
Sheet Wizard
  • NEW! Individual Match Options and Match Crop Regions for each View and Sheet Properties.
  • Fixed issue with Automatic Numbering and –naming.
  • Fixed issue with adding views to existing Sheet templates.
  • Fixed issue with equal naming of views and schedules
  • Fixed issue with View selection when editing Sheet Template
Sort and Renumber
  • NEW! Sort and Renumber Areas
Spatial Composition
  • NEW! Spatial Composition Scope Boxes, Create plan, elevation and section views as duplicates.
  • NEW! Option, “Do not redraw existing views and sheets”, allows the user to revisit the Spatial Composition tool, add elements to the selection and not redraw views and sheets from earlier use. This makes it possible to edit the position of views on sheets
  • Optimized Sheet and view naming with added View- and Project Parameters.
Parameter Copy
  • NEW! Calculated Values has been optimized to allow complex calculations and use scripting with Conditional statements.
  • NEW! Write results to Family Type. Use multible parameters to compose unique Family Type Names.
Legend Tool
  • More options to edit templates
  • Single Row Header for Horizontal Templates, results in one Header to the left of the instances.
  • “Do not redraw Template graphics” allows to edit individual instances
  • Content Library – Search function optimized.
  • Content Palette – Fixed Issues with corrupting rvt files with Worksharing used as Templates.
  • NEW! Notification and Download option for new Support Files provided by NTItools.
Element Relations
  • Allows Masses to write to Areas
Excel Tool
  • Export Schedule is now Task based and can be run by the NTItools Tasks.
  • Export Schedule Templates can now use Print Titles, to make a selection of rows static when printing from Excel.
  • Excel Link has been rebuild for better performance
Import/Link Manager
  • Allows Pan and Zoom in Goto View mode
In General
  • IFC for Revit 2016 v16.3.0 is included as an option to install.
  • PDF Creator 2.2.2 included
Har du spørgsmål, eller andet du gerne vil tale med os om, er du altid velkommen til at kontakte os.

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