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NTItools 2016.1 til Inventor frigives i dag

20. jan - 2016

Idag den 19 januar 2016 frigives en ny version af NTItools til Inventor 2016
Kunder som i dag har en aktiv licens på NTItools, har fået tilsendt en mail om at der er en ny version tilgængelig samt et link til installationsfilen. mailen indeholder ligeledes en beskrivelse af nyheder i version 2016.1


Nyheder i NTItools Inventor 2016 SP1 & 2015 SP2

IProperty Editor
With focus on ”real-estate” within the user interface; it is now possible to structure the layout so that only the necessary fields are displayed. This new function will create an interactive user interface tailored to the individual need.
The existing property editor will automatically be converted to the new one. Contact NTI CAD Center, for further help with configuration of the new possibilities.

New functions:

  • It is possible to specify ”Property sets”
  • It is possible to set ”Property groups”
  • Auto fill-in of properties when saving
  • Building and structuring manual lists
  • Building categorized lists
  • Lists with look-up in other databases (requires license)(SQL, ODBC, Access database, etc.).
  • New Property tab for handling sheet metal files
  • New administrative interface
  • It is possible to work with “drawings first view model” properties
  • It is possible to hide / show fields using the values and status
  • The new “Trigger” feature can enable the other fields in the active editor
  • It is possible to specify “Tool Tips” for fields in the editor
  • It is possible to add icons in the editor when writing alias
  • It is possible to view and copy the full file location for the active file
  • It is possible to place the “Inventor mass properties” and “Inventor material properties” as desired in the layout of the editor
  • It is possible to view different weights in the same editor. for example pounds and kilo
  • It is possible to see the values of the properties in the “Expression builder”


  • A new tighter integration with Autodesk Vault has been implemented. This new feature will check if the drawing is found in Vault and download the file from Vault if it is not found in workspace.

Advanced Publish previously “iProcess”

  • “iProcess” change name to “Advanced Publish”
  • Updating the sheetmetal features in the “Advanced Publish” module. Parameters can be used to auto-fill the filename
  • It is possible to work with the “drawings first view model” properties
  • To ensure that data is correct, the “Publish on Vault checkin” event feature is changed to work on Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional only. This ensures that only files that have actually been checked in are published
Har du spørgsmål, eller andet du gerne vil tale med os om, er du altid velkommen til at kontakte os.

70 10 14 00 | nti@nti.dk